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I’ve been meaning to put this out into the world for a long, long time, but ideally I wanted to send out an actual picture of it. Still, it just never seemed like a good idea to bring my camera to work and use it to take a picture of the display panel on our main printer (otherwise known as Darth Vader because it is black and flipping huge with multiple output trays and magical stapling abilities [come on, you know the suit had stapling capabilities]) which I am now intimately familiar with in that I have been unjamming the thing multiple times a day for about seven or so years now. I mean, how do you explain that to your co-workers? I need a picture of this grammatical atrocity because I don't think anyone will believe me...yeah, I'm going out to lunch now guys...bye!

{ahem} Due to an alert. The panel be illuminated.

For serious, guys, this is what the printer informs people pretty much all day long. It should drive me up the wall for many reasons, but instead it’s one of those things that right from the get-go I had to accept. There is nothing I can do, there is no tech support I can call which could possibly make the printer stop doing this.

Still, somewhere in the distant past, someone typed that out knowing that those words were going to be taunting office workers for decades to come.


Big plans for baking and getting the next interlude up before the weekend. Saturday is supposed to be nice so I’m contemplating finding something outdoorsy to do. Seriously, what is with the cold this year? I made myself stop wearing my winter coat this morning because otherwise I think I would have just kept doing it out of habit until roundabouts July. I’m blaming the cold for my desire to do nothing but hibernate the past month or so.

eta - sigh - I forgot the baking powder.
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