Jan. 2nd, 2013

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This chapter comes to you courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] quarryquest, who wanted a bit of a romp through Kew Gardens with some specific elements thrown in. A couple of moments come with illustration in the form of pictures taken at the Garden by our intrepid locationeer. The filming did take place as described though I believe it actually occurred in June of last year so it’s been a bit time travelled into the future here – or perhaps I am simply predicting the sequel. :-) The intro/teaser for Sir David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants which filmed at Kew can be seen here:
I highly recommend it, it is deeply beautiful.


The case Mycroft had brought them in May had proved itself both engrossing and entertaining. Throwing together a ring of diamond smugglers, Sherlock undercover as a deep-sea diver, John undercover as a holiday-maker with an adrenaline addiction, a troop of trained seals, and a half dozen pogo sticks will generally drive all the boring right out of a situation. It was well into June by the time they’d finished with it.

What was less amusing (well, no, actually it was quite amusing except in Sherlock’s view) was the case which Mycroft somehow managed to tack onto the end of the deep-sea-diving diamond smugglers. Sherlock, flushed with the success of closing the case, had intended to sweep in and out of his brother’s office with the greatest of flair. Unfortunately, it hadn’t exactly worked out that way.
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