Jan. 8th, 2013

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I am retiring for the evening, but I'm quite proud of myself so I'm posting this first.

I ran into...a bit of structural issue...and I decorated myself out of it.


I am a very proud Gilmore Girl at the moment.


Jan. 8th, 2013 08:31 am
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Somehow, between arriving home from work yesterday and leaving for work this morning, the scarf I’ve been actively wearing has gone missing. The obvious culprit is the quick trip I took back out to the car to grab the bag of groceries from the trunk, which I had forgotten to do on the initial trip inside. I normally put hat in one pocket and scarf in the other upon arriving home. If it did fall onto the ground yesterday, it seems either the wind or a person happened upon it before I could do so this morning. :-( That was a trip scarf. I bought it at Powerscourt Gardens in Ireland. Sigh. Ah well, there is still an off chance I neglected to put it into my pocket and it is somewhere else at home awaiting discovery.

Incidentally, does anyone know if it is normal for a crocheted (possibly knitted – definitely made of yarn which isn’t dainty) item to stretch out over time? Can I somehow restore it to its initial proportions? On the same trip I bought a cute little orange beret-type hat which I no longer wear due to this issue. I was going to try washing it…or just soaking it perhaps? I’m not sure I want to risk the dryer without advice…
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I'm starting to ruminate on my 'three fandoms walk into a bar' fic and have decided that they all walk into an actual bar - sometime during the four days Martin spent as a pillar of the Flap and Throttle - and I think someone's number has come up...




Tell me what you think!


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