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He blushed again. “Thanks. It’s a little odd; I mean, who has their portrait painted these days?”

She smiled up at him. “Because the boys of Baker Street are so famously conventional?”

John reached for her hand and tugged her to standing. “Ha, ha. I seem to recall you charging a man in an attempt to drive a spear through him once upon a time. And on our first date!” he added in a scandalised tone. “You were lucky to get a second after that.”

“If you could find an actually murderous girlfriend Sherlock might find her interesting enough to share you with her.”

“Never going to happen. I’ve basically accepted it. I’m happy enough with the mad bastard as things stand.”

From across the room, Sherlock announced, “The keyboard is now in working order.”

“And it’s a good thing too, since I believe we’re about to dance around our sitting room for the amusement of all our friends and relatives.”

Sarah’s eyebrows shot up. “What?”
impulsereader: (Book Art 1)
“Jesus! Did he have to make it life-sized?”

“Lestrade, watch that -,”


“What are you boys doing up there? Was that my wall?”

“No, Mrs Hudson,” three male voices chorused untruthfully.

Their awkward struggle to haul the gargantuan packing crate up the stairs continued significantly more quietly, muffled grunts aside, until Sherlock was forced to quickly jerk one of the corners he was in charge of rather forcefully and completely unexpectedly in order to avoid bashing his knee with the corner in question.

“Ouch! Christ, that was my chin!”

“Better than my knee.”

“Heartless bastard, you are. I should drop this right now and let you haul your own bloody crate about. Why the fuck did you have it sent to my office anyway?”

“Temper, temper, Lestrade.”

“Oi! I’d like to point out that forward motion is our friend. Greg, if you abandon your post now I’ll set him on you; I’ll refuse to come along on any Met cases for the next six months. Punch him later if you like, but haul the bloody crate right now.”
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