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Sigh. I am meant to be writing. Instead I'm over here signing up for [ profile] 221b_advent.  All winterish holidays seem to be on the table as well as simply winter and/or cold itself.  Huh.  Plot bunny.  Cold - the Endless...somehow...  I swear to goodness, typing alters my brain chemistry or something.  Anywho...  Upon seeing that [ profile] bradspyjamas and [ profile] kizzia had hopped on board I folded.  Or, at least, they've joined the community though I cannot be sure they've signed up officially...eyes each of them hopefully...

What else can I throw in here?  What have I been meaning to blather about?  Apparently, nothing.

Oh, yes, darn it, The other night I was out with [ profile] pargoletta and after we had a very wet, shivery time whilst listening to Carmina Burana conducted by Riccardo Muti - and bizarrely, right afterward the CSO went on strike, we stopped for a warming snack.  My bottle top subsequently informed me that International Talk Like a Pirate Day is celebrated on Nantucket Island.  I've been meaning to take a picture and post it and add it to my growing Pirate Sherlock stash, and perhaps log it in for posterity along with that weird Sherlockian fortune I got at Panda Express.  Of course, right now I'm meant to be writing and therefore brought neither my camera's connection wire nor the bottle top.  If I were honest with myself then, I'd have to create a new tag - here there be no pirates. 

Sigh again.  I'm really not going to accomplish anything tonight.

A thesaurus search proves there is no good 'D' word which works for cold.  Blast.
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