Jan. 31st, 2013

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Hm. So I've been gorging on Bunheads because I've been watching GG and feeling nostalgic. It's pretty much what I expected, and I'm mostly enjoying it. The dance sequences and Kelly Bishop are definitely my favorite bits. Sutton Foster is a fabulous Skinny Lauren Graham. If you think about any one aspect of it too hard it makes absolutely no sense at all. I'm pretty (strike that and make it 'seriously' - due to ep 7 on right now) disturbed about Boo's family life. So it's all sort of GG taken to the next level of ridiculousness.

The bits which are really, really surreal are the bits when it actually is Gilmore Girls - and they are in there. You honestly could cut them out and string together an entire episode of GG. I swear to you it is the same strummy la-la music. Despite hiring the same guy to compose - he is just reusing the strummy la-la music. That's a paycheck I'd like to get - being paid twice for the same product.

My feeling has been that the process of becoming a better writer involves learning subtlety. As much as I enjoy watching television written by ASP (and I do!!) she's definitely going the other way with it. I really wish Hubbel had stuck around a little longer. I think that show would have been more complicated and interesting.
impulsereader: (Book Art 1)
I love how John Finnemore revealed the origin story of poor Martin's obsession with being Captain. I know that if you've heard the episode you didn't miss it. :-)


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