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Sorry, my life is very scattered these days.

First off - two Sherlock fics which are also love letters to London: Sorrowful Angels by Aderyn and A Miracle on Baker Street by [ profile] kizzia Tributes to this beautiful city are so wonderful to find - and to find them in Sherlock fic is doubly wonderful.

Still no mattress. Grrr. The reason this is most upsetting is that I seem to have begun to equate 'getting back to normal' with having the darn mattress. My brain is refusing to focus on the fact that life is otherwise pretty steady and normal, and it should now be getting round to the business of writing and doing other normal things (plus slowly finding wonderful and lovely things to decorate) until the darn mattress shows up.

I do now have a teeny tiny crockpot. I'm not really sure why other than it was on clearance and it is yellow. It is adorable (though not possibly the yellow I imagined), I just don't really understand what I'm meant to cook in it. We shall see, I suppose.

And because I now know how thanks to the always wonderful [ profile] quarryquest who is diligently working on mapping out the locations for John and Sherlock's dash through London on the heels (wheels?) of the taxi in Pink - even through bronchitis (and for whom I'm meant to be writing fluffy pieces about Mycroft and his teddy bear hot water bottle whilst I instead angst over my mattress) - here are some pictures from my visit to the botanic garden this weekend. :-)

See? I told you it was 'stuff'.

Sydney Golden Wattle - isn't he just straight-up a member of the Drones?

Oh, yeah, that's me in there too. I did a couple where I was all 'live long and prosper', but this was a better picture of the sign. :-)

And now please get in line for your strudel - because the strudel, Madam, is lovely today.

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This is what I've decided to call the new place. I am now occupying a neat little garden apartment with landladies comprised of a set of twin sisters, each of whom occupy one of the two levels above me - it's not exact, I admit, but it makes me happy to even vaguely equate my new digs to 221 Baker St. :-)

In Holiday news, my company has decided to up their awesomeness this year. Every year we employees get to pick letters and give Secret Santa presents to kids who may not otherwise get Christmas presents. This year, they are further recognizing that some of these kids are going to go without not only toys but basic cold weather gear, and they have committed to giving every kid a coat, hat and gloves - so that we employees who are playing Santa can focus on giving the requested toys! I ask you - is there anything more awesome than this?

So I took two letters, as is my fashion, and - first - to share the awesome drawing which led me to choose one of them - ahem - super drawing extraordinaire:


Look at that - he drew snowmen and filled the air with snow, then drew the whole scene of Santa landing with his reindeer and the houses to be visited - if you are unfamiliar with kids' drawings, I assure you this is epic compared to the other specimens which were on offer. He didn't ask for drawing materials, but I'm totally tempted to sneak some in over the giving limit.

And now, I have to ask for some help - last year I was able to get a cuddle-sized Hello Kitty plush without trouble, but this year they've all disappeared - and I picked my other letter based upon being able to get one easily - any tips out there? I've been on Target, Amazon (& the dreaded WMart) but none of it seems straightforward this year for some reason...

Thank you.

Nov. 17th, 2012 11:08 pm
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Thanks to everyone who has been reading along with my move and helping me out with various things. I am very much less ranty at the moment and fairly snug.

While I was right to assume the worst during the run-up, the space is working now that I have things in and can better judge. The bookshelves which worked in the old space don't work at all here visually, but they do form a nice little block of bookishness which does what it is meant to do, and can eventually be replaced if necessary. I will have an area for reading (recliner and new moddish floor lamp), another for watching television (couch, television, computer and kitchy tv trays), as well as a third for the bed and all the wood. Plus, there is room for a little table-ish sort of area in the kitchen if this proves to be longer-term.

Tomorrow I volunteered to go back and help with some of the clean up. Upon reflection, this was a bad idea. We'll see how it goes.
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You guys seem a lot more concerned about my physical safety than I am. Thanks for that, I'll have to be sure to keep running things by you.

Darn it. Because as nice as the new ones are (and they are nice, djarum99, thank you ever so, I may very well order from there), and there are a couple which fall into my price range, I like the idea of an antique. And the other one I really like (though the pictures were taken outside and there's quite a lot of sun glare which I wonder about) is some wacky 3/4 mattress size which, when googled, basically tells me the universe laughs.

And, of course, the local option is a gorgeous wooden frame with a matching vanity table - which would normally send me into fits of dancing and happiness and typing without commas like this - but the new place is tiny, (well, not nearly as tiny as some of the places I saw *shudders*) honestly tiny, (because when you travel with a minimum of 3 bookcases tiny is relative) and I already have all this wood which I'm now trying to balance out instead of replacing straight away to make the place not feel crowded with stuff (except it cannot help but be crowded with books).

I'm sure I've already mentioned that I hate moving. Oh, and as a lovely bonus I'm covered in bruises from the eight trips down the three flights of stairs yesterday with various boxes and bags filled with stuff. How on earth do we end up with so much stuff we don't actually want? I am banned from ever again having such a thing as 'closet space' because I simply fill it with things I don't want to think about.

Sorry, that turned ranty at the end but I'm stubbornly hitting post without editing myself on the grounds that I've made a valid point about materialism. Also I need to go finish packing and I don't have time to make it all sound more sensible.


Nov. 16th, 2012 12:00 pm
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How do we feel about putting a full/double mattress on a twin frame?  I realize it may look a bit odd, but if I center it and have a box spring I'm not going to actually end up being tipped onto the floor am I?  It seems like it's doable, doesn't it?  Because I have absolutely fallen in love with these but I'd quite like to have the slightly larger mattress.


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