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So, there hasn't been much afoot in the travelling lemon game recently. An Australian lemon popped its head up but hasn't been heard from again, so that's something to be cheerful about (especially considering Arthur's heritage, accent abilities and professional sportsman prospects). But aside from a nibbles tray in CA, sightings have been down. This is mainly due to the drying up of my local sources, and [ profile] f_m_r_l has been diligently attempting to help me out with this.

It turns out that you can - relatively cheaply considering what a small bag of artificial lemons will run you - get people to put any text you like onto a yellow mini football (of the american variety) which looks near enough to our favourite citrus fruit to make up for the fact that it may also feature a small amount of stitching detail. Also, this would mean that all I would have to do is add the individual citrus # - much less work!

Upon informing [ profile] f_m_r_l of this fact and congratulating her upon her genius, I commenced to price check. I found a nice, friendly-looking site which was easy to use, had a good price, and has an online ordering process. Eureka!, I observed in my own head.






Now, I know it is possible that they're being cute.


Don't be cute about grammar or spelling.  Just don't.

I get it wrong sometimes; possibly a lot of the time.  But I'm getting it wrong because somehow it sounds right when I read it (also technology has not corrected me) and if the fact that I have gotten it wrong is pointed out to me I will fix it to the best of my ability.  I am never, ever getting grammar wrong on purpose, cute or not.

The beat, as well as the search for the perfect artificial lemon, goes on.

Peace out.
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Ugh. Since this trip is shaping up I need some more citrus. However, the local supply has dried up. Ebay cannot possibly be the only source of artificial lemons. But nobody on Etsy seems to be doing wooden ones. I did find citrusy (seriously? not a word? not helpful, gods of writing and grammar!) soap which possibly has potential.

Right - back to Shakespeare and Sherlock!

So this is what the Baker Street Interludes are looking like:

January – resolution to Silver Blaze and Sherlock goes shopping.

February – John and Sherlock MST3K scenes from various Much Ado film versions - if I can find some more...if anyone knows of any, please let me know. Maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough yet, but I’m coming up pretty blank. Also, Playing Shakespeare – I know Sherlock would use this as a teaching tool but I’m not yet sure if that goes here or somewhere else.

November – There will be a post asking you all for things you would like to see here, so everyone watch some version of Much Ado, reread it, or both – and then channel your inner Mrs Hudson! Because this chapter is: Things Mrs Hudson walks in on during the year. This was inspired by the visual of her coming upstairs to find John embracing a weeping Sherlock. Because the boys will be rehearsing all the scenes in which either Benedick or Beatrice appear, you can go a little wild, it isn’t limited to B&B scenes. Oh yes, Grandmere and Mrs Hudson are pen pals. I'm not sure if this is a new thing or not, but they communicate through a combination of email and good old-fashioned letter writing.

December – final costume fitting.

Other things which will be going on but haven’t been slotted into the timeline yet:

The arrival of John’s portrait followed by a bit of rehearsal with Greg’s assistance – this one is actually already mostly written.

The Production has an email newsletter and possibly a website as well.

The bottle that Sherlock pocketed in the attic has a map inside it and the boys are going to have an adventure. This might dovetail nicely with the Musgrave Ritual.

Possibly a game of cricket since I wasn’t able to get that into TSP.

So tell me what you think. Does any of the above inspire you to thinky thoughts? What other sorts of Shakespearean things should the boys be doing? They could go see a live production possibly. If there are Sherlockian/Shakespearean things you would like to see me put in, let me know!
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Guys - the Lemon now has a Tardis. I'm pretty sure he stole it, but that's just to keep it all canon compliant.

I may be writing fic. ;-) Honestly, how are we all not Arthur? Other people are BRILLIANT!

Oh dear.

Aug. 4th, 2012 11:55 pm
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While I did intend to post twice this evening, the second entry was supposed to be a new Pirate!Sherlock installment.  It turns out that there is more thinking to do on his ship and the Pirate Problem before that comes about.

Instead, it turns out that it is distinctly more difficult to write on citrus than I had anticipated.  This means that my lemon project continues to delightfully soldier on in the spirit of the absurd - which is so perfectly suited to Cabin Pressure promotion.

Really, this could be chalked up to my paint pens running out of paint, because they did the first few beautifully!  Still, the jury is out, as I am rather put out at having so much citrus ready for distribution and such disappointing results in general as to the labeling process...

I really think the visual speaks for itself.

Yes, that's right.  Once again, the Hello Kitty Duck tape comes to the rescue.  I have pretty high hopes since the bumper is still intact.  This is a PSA to be on the lookout for Citrus Near You!  Watch out!  It is unbearably cute!

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I ran across some really gorgeous architectural details today as well as a few things which just struck me as groovy...I think I'd like to live in Lincoln Park if it weren't full of annoying people and a lack of parking's also ridiculously expensive.

Pretty pictures this way )
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Yea! Till We Have Faces has shipped! Woo hoo!

I have decided that ‘when I grow up’ I want to be C.S. Lewis. He liked to take a daily walk whenever possible and when he went on holiday he went on long cross-country walks with his friends. This is what I want to do all the time. So I should really get to work on that original stuff I keep threatening to write. That would really speed things up toward being Lewis for me.
A bit of tea but mostly lemons under the cut, also a bit of fandom blathering )
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I know what I did now. I got confused between peels of lemons and I've sent off eight whole lemons with an incorrect url. I remember expecting it to be because that's the user name, but - because I'm not completely stupid I did check it before beginning the first four lemons and - it's actually which - somehow - my brain translated to when I didn't absolutely triple bloody check yet again before starting the second round. grrrrr. So my England and Australia lemons are starting off with a bit of a handicap.
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Grandmere wants to hear about Sherlock and John's adventures. Which ACD adaptation should they relate to her?

Can I actually get away with having John refer - in his head, not out loud - to her as Not Anthea?

Dear Suffolk, are you sure you're still there? The USPS lady I spoke with yesterday, in all her seventeen years working there, hadn't heard of you. I assured her I had.

Everyone cross your fingers and hope that lemons 21, 22, 23, 31 and 32 arrive in time to be taken to London! On a related note, really Fedex? You seriously want $120 to send my $5 worth of plastic lemons across the pond? You must think I'm completely insane. I'm not.

I am assured that there are lemons officially in play and there may soon be pictures!

I was forced to overpay for lemons yesterday because the only ones I had ready to go were sent off by post, and I didn't want to delay 221b_hound's tea shipment, but I also wasn't going to skip adding a little bit of artificial citrus to the package. But my Pier One was out of the bags! They had plenty of limes, but I think the green is a little dark for being written on in black. I might have to get some white pens. The hardest part of all this lemon business is the writing on them and keeping as much of the cat hair as possible out of the varnish.

Mycroft is delicious. He's such a complicated blend I initially tried to drink him usweetened, but he is much better with a pinch of sugar.
cut for a few pics )
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I am the biggest dork on the planet.

So, in my head all of this lemon planting business was completely anonymous, and apparently I imagined I would suddenly develop some super-stealthy superpower accordingly.  I pictured myself palming a lemon and casually putting it into play as I walked out of the café, secreting one behind a particularly apropos book in the library (chuckling smugly all the while at my choice), slipping through a crowd and made anonymous by numbers alone.

This so was not the case. )

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Well, as I rather expected, my post to [ profile] cabin_pressure proposing a game of hunt the lemon in real life has so far met with resounding - crickets.  I remain undaunted and have obtained supplies with which to tag this first peel of lemons to be put into play.

So, today I wrote the arrival of John's portrait and - well - it's flipping awesome - Claude's portrait, not my writing...I've also finally managed to drag Lestrade into my story for what I'm hoping will amount to more than a cameo because Sherlock is going to make him be 'everyone else' while J & S rehearse the scene during which Benedick arrives and spars with Beatrice.  I still can't decide where to set the darn thing.  Something visually obvious - Ancient Rome?  Sherlock in a toga isn't terribly 'Beatrice' in the way I was hoping it would come across.  Sigh.

“Jesus!  Did he make it life-sized?”

“Lestrade, watch that -,”


“What are you boys doing up there?  Was that my wall?”

“No, Mrs Hudson,” three male voices chorused untruthfully.


“Sexy.  Dead sexy, in fact.  Good show, John.”

Sherlock rolled his eyes at this assessment.

John’s tone was thoughtful when he tentatively gave his opinion.  “It’s – actually – not terrible, is it?  I mean, of course Claude is very good, but – I’m not exactly – I wasn’t expecting to look -,”

“Impressive,” Sherlock purred.  “The word you are looking for is impressive.  Don’t worry, John, when you’re not standing next to me you always look quite impressive.”

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Yesterday turned out to be a weird day during which I wandered almost aimlessly in search of lemons. Consequently, the pictures are weird as well. Weirdness under the cut )
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I'm writing up the sticky post for [ profile] hunt_the_lemon which is where the lemons/citrus will be instructing finders to go, and I need to know if I've left out anything important...please proof and suggest!  I do realize I might have to work to keep the youtube links current if they are taken down...

hunt the lemon )
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Both alternates were very good suggestions. After I stared at them for a little while I went with lemonsareinplay and then realized that hunt_the_lemon was brilliant and set that up as well.  I went with a journal rather than a community so that each lemon can have its own tracking post.

Now I need to decide if I want to do a test run with some real lemons before setting loose some of the more sturdy, wooden variety.  Perhaps I'll devote one journal to live specimens and the other to wooden.

This is all [ profile] litlover12's fault, by the way, because when she said - Oh my gosh, you played Hunt the Lemon in real life! (Sort of.) YOU ARE AWESOME!! - My brain apparently decided that I must go to the next level, and I am now planning on scattering Cabin Pressure-advertising lemons all over and hoping a few people will obligingly reposition or hand off said lemon and report back.


Gran smiled happily as she surveyed her enthralled audience.  She cleared her throat again, and everything else stilled in response.  “Now, since he has confirmed his interest in our endeavour, and being a soldier himself, I wondered if our own Doctor Watson might condescend to accept the role of Benedick.  I believe this would emphasize the warm welcome we wish to extend to him in joining the family and taking such good care of our Sherlock.”

Read more... )
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I have drunk the kool-aid which is Cabin Pressure. Then I ran across the Lemons and Landmarks project via this post Well, I'm a little late to the party and still waiting to hear back if additional Chicago offerings are needed/wanted but my initial thought was, 'Well, this is what I've been doing recently anyway; walking and taking pics in Chicago; might just as well do it with a lemon as not, right?' So after a little more thought I realized that this is in fact not what I've been doing - I've been taking pics of rather small things, generally. It just seems to be what I do. Well, Landmarks, especially the ones that leapt to mind as the big ones in Chicago, are rather large. Huh, I thought, that's interesting. Then, I thought, 'And - my angles are going to have to be pretty playful since while Landmarks are rather large, Lemons are rather small. Wow! What a great new prompt!'

So today, instead of penetrating further into Sherlock's psyche I went 'round the Loop with a lemon and had a grand time. Results below.
Go 'round )


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